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ACI Payments, Inc. leverages the latest, most innovative technology to offer electronic payment systems of unparalleled utility and value. By building the following features into each solution, ACI Payments, Inc. defines the industry benchmark.

Our Internet and telephone payment processing systems are available 24/7/365, and consistently record uptimes of greater than 99.95%. We utilize a network architecture that allows maintenance, updates, and enhancements to be performed without downtime. Full redundancy is achieved through multiple data centers with independent connections to the Internet. Overall, both the internet and telephone systems are capable of handling tens of thousands of transactions per hour, and are scaled up as volume increases so that neither system exceeds 40% of its capacity. Peace of mind is a standard feature.

Uncompromising Security
ACI Payments, Inc. takes the responsibility of securing our clients' and customers' information seriously. All security and privacy policies and procedures meet and exceed the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service, our largest client. Since 1999, we have passed yearly auditing by the IRS' team of Independent Verification & Validation personnel. We are also Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI) compliant, which encompasses the requirements of Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) and MasterCard's Site Data Protection Program (SDP). We deploy a secure, three-tiered architecture that is protected by firewalls and Intrusion Detection Services (IDS). OPC utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security technology for data encryption and protection during transmission to and from web servers. Our websites bear the TRUSTe "Trustmark®," a branded seal given only to sites that adhere to the highest privacy principles.

Centralized Payments
Our payment systems are indexed by zip code so that a customer who arrives at our site to make a specific payment is presented with options to make payments to any of our other clients that are geographically relevant. For example, a man from San Francisco who visits our site to make a Federal tax payment will see that he can also pay his State of California income tax, his City and County of San Francisco property tax, any citations he might owe the San Francisco Superior Court, his bill to the San Francisco Water Department, and his son's tuition to San Francisco State University. All of those can be paid efficiently in the same session. ACI Payments, Inc. has experienced an exceptionally high rate of cross utilization demonstrating that customers appreciate this convenience. Being part of this centralized system drives large numbers of payments towards fast, easy, electronic remittance.

Robust Support Services
ACI Payments, Inc. provides a full suite of support services to ensure that your systems run in a smooth, reliable, and professional manner. We assign each client a dedicated account manager, an implementation coordinator, a client financial services representative, and a marketing manager to make sure that all aspects of our relationship are handled expertly. Each team is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable professionals and given high expectations for responsiveness and deliverables. Our implementation department features an exceptional rate of on-time, on-budget project completion. Reporting is available in a number of formats, including flat files and an online tool for easy querying and transaction research. Throughout your relationship with ACI Payments, Inc., our client financial services representatives work with you to keep settlement and reconciliation smooth and our marketing team works to spread awareness of your electronic payment options.

Responsible Funds Routing
ACI Payments, Inc. is committed to maintaining a sound audit trail for all payments and to the integrity of our clients' funds at every step from authorization to deposit.


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