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Pay Your Federal Taxes the Proven Way

More taxpayers trust Official Payments to pay their federal income tax than any other authorized IRS Payment Provider.

With Official Payments you’ll receive the convenience and cash management of paying by
debit or credit card, and you can make an online payment immediately. If you prefer to pay
by phone, we offer a convenient toll-free service at 1-888-UPAY-TAX (1-888-872-9829).

Official Payments also offers state income tax payments for 27 states and the District of Columbia, as well property taxes, utility bills, traffic citations, college tuition and much more. So treat yourself to the proven way to pay — it only takes a few minutes and there’s nothing better than knowing your taxes and bills are Officially Paid.

Make A Payment

  •  Competitive Fees – Convenience fees as low as $3.95.

  •  Immediate Payments – No need to set up your payment in advance. Your payment is processed the same day, so you can pay on the due date and avoid late fees.

  •  Account Features – Open a free My Account to store your personal information for faster payments, immediate payment verification, view your complete payment history and more.

  •  Earn Rewards – Pay by credit or debit card and you may earn rewards or cash back.

  •  Customer Service – Live help and payments by phone.

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