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My Account
Sign up for My Account and gain access to all the benefits Official Payments has to offer. It's free, easy and you'll spend even less time managing your bills each month.

Why Sign Up For My Account?
You will gain access to Official Payments premium features such as the ability to set-up and manage payment reminders and automatic payments. You can also track all your transactions by viewing your personal online transaction history.

Set Up Payment Reminders
Official Payments can provide you with payment reminders so you will always know when it's time to pay your bills. Don't wait for postal mail to remind you. If it shows up late, your payment will be late. You can count on us to let you know when it's time to pay.

Schedule Automatic Payments
Why not take it one step further and tell us what to pay and when to pay it? Never worry about missing a payment again. Automatic payments are customizable to your needs. Set them up and put your mind at ease knowing your bills have been officially paid.

View Payment History
Don't let a bill collector tell you they haven't received your payment. Every transaction is entered into your My Account payment history so you have proof of payment and can confirm when a payment was made.

Store Information For Faster Payment
Want to ensure the fastest bill paying process possible? Your choice of personal information can be stored with us to make bill paying a few mouse clicks away.

Can I Charge My Taxes Without Signing Up For My Account?
Yes, you can. However, signing up for My Account saves you time and gives you access to more features mentioned above.

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