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The following case studies illustrate the convenience, rewards and cash management benefits of making payments through Official Payments. Privacy concerns preclude Official Payments from providing the details and circumstances of actual consumers who used our services.

An individual taxpayer, who had for several years received a tax refund, waited until the last day to fill out her tax forms and was surprised to learn that she had a tax obligation due. Rather than rushing to the post office to stand in line late at night, she filed her return electronically and visited to pay her tax obligation at 11:44 p.m. on tax day. By making her payment online through Official Payments, she had the comfort of knowing that her payment had been made, and she avoided the penalties and interest that could have resulted from missing the payment deadline.

A couple living in New York was planning their ten-year anniversary trip to Hawaii. They called 1-800-2PAY-TAX to make their federal and state tax payments on their credit card and earned more than 150,000 rewards points. They used 150,000 points to redeem two roundtrip business class tickets to Hawaii (75,000 points each; total retail value $9,477). For a $3,735 convenience fee, they earned rewards worth $9,477.

Cash Management
A small business owner who was experiencing a period of temporary cash flow weakness did not want to liquidate assets or take out a short-term bank loan to pay his state sales tax bill. He knew several clients would soon be making large cash payments to settle their outstanding balances. By making the tax payment with a credit card, he was able to pay his tax obligation on time and pay the credit card balance later when cash was available. Charging his sales taxes helped him avoid setting up an extended payment schedule with the state or taking out a high interest, short-term loan.

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