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General Information-Questions


General Information-Answers

1. How do I register for the service?
It's easy and takes less than 5 minutes to register. There is no cost to sign up for Official Payments Automated Fax Filing Service. Call 1-800-322-4945 to register through our automated system. You will need to provide:

1) fax number from which filings will be faxed
2) contact phone number
3) valid credit card number with expiration month and year to which your
service fee and filing fees can be charged.

The Automated Fax Filing Service will automatically fax you a registration packet which will include all the information you need to immediately begin fax filing. There is no cost to register with our service.

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2. What is the cost to fax file? There is no cost to register for Official Payments Automated Fax Filing Service. Official Payments charges a service fee to fax file documents to the courts. All service fees can be billed to a credit or debit card. Please call 1-855-4OPC FAX (855-467-2329) for additional information.

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3. Can I charge court filing fees through your service?
Yes - you can conveniently charge court filing fees to a credit or debit card through our service.

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4. Which courts are participating in your service?
Our list of participating courts continues to grow. For the list of participating courts, please call
1-800-322-4945 to request the list be faxed to you.



El DoradoSouth Lake Tahoe, Cameron Park / Civil Division, Family Law


KingsHanford, Corcoran, Avenal, Lemoore

LakeLakeport Division, Clearlake Division - Limited Civil only

MercedCivil Limited/Small Claims, Civil Unlimited, Los Banos-Small Claims/Limited, Family Law


San BenitoHollister

San JoaquinStockton

San Luis Obispo   Civil/Unlimited, Paso-Robles

SiskiyouCivil, Ex Parte Applications Only

StanislausModesto, Family Law

TehamaRed Bluff-Civil Division, Red Bluff-Criminal Division

VenturaVentura, East County Division, Oxnard-Probate Division


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5. What forms do I need to fax file?
You will need:

1) filing instructions
2) Form MC005 - required Official Payments fax file coversheet
3) a list of participating courts with toll free fax numbers.

These forms can be obtained by calling our automated service number at 1-800-322-4945.

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6. I registered my fax number and tried to fax a document. I'm not getting through. What should I do?
Documents must be faxed from a registered fax machine. Frequently, an attorney only registers one fax number in their office and attempts to fax file documents through an unregistered fax machine. Call our automated registration system at 1-800-322-4945 or call Official Payments customer service at 1-855-4OPC FAX (855-467-2329) to register any unregistered fax numbers.

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7. I haven't heard from the court regarding the documents I faxed. What should I do?
You should contact the court directly to determine if the filing has been accepted or rejected.

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8. I faxed 10 pages but the confirmation sheet only indicated receiving 8. What happened?
The system only received 8 pages. You must call the court and instruct them to reject the filing as incomplete. You can then refax the documents to the court.

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9. I faxed 2 documents to the court. They said they rejected the documents because they should be sent as separate transmissions. What does this mean?
You must have a separate cover sheet for each individual document you fax to the courts. You should also wait several minutes between sending multiple faxes.

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10. Will I be charged for fax filings rejected by the courts?
You will be charged a $25 processing fee for fax filings rejected by the courts due to user error including:
  • Filing is illegible
  • Received duplicate transmission
  • Document incomplete
  • Incorrect/no fax transmittal used
  • Signature missing
  • Incorrect venue
  • Hearing date/reservation required prior to filing
  • Filing not timely
  • Document does not match document on file
  • Judgment already entered on this case
  • Filing party to call clerk
  • Case number missing or incorrect
  • Proof of Service required
  • Filing has wrong case type
  • Civil case cover sheet missing/incomplete
  • Settlement conference statement must be received in department in which the matter is to be heard
  • Lawsuit has not been assigned a case-court cannot return endorsed copy with status letter.
  • Judicial Council forms must be used pursuant to Government Code section 86511
  • Statement of location missing
  • Faxed documents should be sent as a separate transmission
  • Summons cannot be returned on amended or cross complaints
  • Notice of appeal not accepted for fax filing; need original document

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11.Will I be charged a fee if my credit or debit card transaction is invalid?
Yes, Official Payments Automated Fax Filing Service will charge a $25 processing fee for invalid credit and debit card transactions.

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