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Higher Education

System Features
When it comes to processing higher education payments, the simpler the better. And nothing could be easier than processing them through Official Payments.

Over the past 18 years, Official Payments has established itself as a leading provider of payment solutions for more than 350 colleges and universities. Our flexible payment systems and scalable technology seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP system for maximum efficiency.

Having processed 9 million transactions totaling over 5 billion dollars in 2007 alone, Official Payments is the proven choice for credit card, debit card, and electronic check payment solutions. Official Payments supports the acceptance of Visa�, MasterCard�, American Express�, Discover� Network, debit cards, and electronic checks via Internet, Phone and over-the-counter.

Scalable, Turn-key Systems
Official Payments is a nimble company. Our payment platform is expandable to meet your campus� payment needs. The platform that we have built to support tuition and fees payments can be expanded to accept credit card and electronic checks for alumni donations, event ticket sales, room and board, campus cards, and much more. To make a payment now, click here.

Marketing Resources
The Official Payments marketing team works with clients, the credit card companies, card issuers, and other marketing partners to increase exposure to electronic payment options and add value by arranging promotions, rewards bonuses, and other special offers. Our team works with your staff to ensure that students and parents are aware of the electronic payment options on your campus.

Sales Resources
Official Payments employs sales professionals in regional offices throughout the country. These representatives draw on years of payment processing and higher education experience to support, enrich, and expand our client relationships. For more information, contact us at or complete our online information request form.

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